EnerCoach Online: What's new

This page lists latest news and changes of the EnerCoach tool. Check back here for news and updates about changes to the reports, calculations or other features.


Performance improvements May 2021

EnerCoach Online received an internal overhaul of its calculation to improve the system's performance in May 2021. The adaptations resulted in some changes to the reporting system that can yield differing results now. The most important changes are outlined here.

Certificate Report

For the Energy Certificate report on the community level, the separate list of all ratings for the community's objects is now being shown optionally. To calculate and display these per-object ratings, the checkbox 'Include Energy Certificates for all objects (time intensive!)' must be selected in the report form.

Furthermore, a number of issues with ratings were corrected that would hide the energy ratings if the underlying percentages were very close to zero. This means that some objects which did not receive these ratings before may now receive final and primary energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas and water ratings as part of this report.

Object Zone Utilization Values

Prior to the rollout of the performance package, object zones with utilization values of 0% (0.0) for heat, electricity or water would result in the entire object being excluded from most reports that relied on the utilization reference value of the object's zones. Since many communities use this function to designate buildings that have no heating / electricity or water utilization at all, we now allow this value and will still include these objects in the report calculations. This can lead to differences in the 'number of objects' values shown in the (keyfigure) reports.


Community-Export to Excel

All relevant community data can now be exported via the new 'Excel-Export' function in the community reports. The report includes object, keyfigure and consumption data for all selected objects of a community.

Due to the necessary data collection and calculations involved, this report can take up to 15 minutes to finish for larger communities. Please refrain from requesting more than one Excel-Export at a time to prevent server overloads!

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Last Update: May, 2021